• Mitsubishi Gas Chemical supplier
Mitusbishi Gas Chemical America (MGCA) produces a wide range of chemical products for thermoplastic and thermosetting systems, including resins, amine curatives, and chain extenders. MGCA focuses on developing and producing unique chemistries that provide solutions to unmet needs in the marketplace.

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America produces:
  • Thermoplastic Resins
    • Lupizeta thermoplastic polycabonate polymers for coatings, inks and adhesives
  • Thermoset Resins
    • Vyloglass thermosetting dry-typle polyester molding compound for electrical applications
    • Cyanate Esters
  • Performance Amines
    • MXDA, 1,3-BAC
    • Gaskamine epoxy curing agents
  • Other Additives
    • Aromatic Aldehydes
    • Solvents 
    • Super-pure fine chemicals for semiconductors
    • Glycols (NPG and TME)

Mitsubishi Gas Chemical America Products

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