WorleeThix VP E 165W and VP E 166W

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WorleeThix is a range of thixotropic additives produced by Worlee that are based on solvent-based and water-based alkyd resins and acrylic resins. WorleeThix VP E 165W and WorleeThix VP E 166W are thixotropic alkyd emulsions that allow formulators to produce water-thinnable non-drip paint systems.

WorleeThix E 165W and WorleeThix E 166W are both supplied as 40% active gels. The major difference between these products is their viscosity.  Specifically, WorleeThix E 165W is supplied as a strong gel and WorleeThix E 166W is supplied as a soft gel.

WorleeThix VP E 165WWorleeThix VP E 166W

WorleeThix VP E 165W                                                                         WorleeThix VP E 166W

 WorleeThix E 165W and WorleeThix E 166W improve in-can stability of water-based coatings by preventing phase separation.  Additionally, these products  improve the rheology in application on vertical surfaces, reducing dripping and sagging.  Polar solvents have little to no impact on the thixotropic performance of formulations that incorporate these products. 
Flow Curve Initial WorleeThix VP E 165WFlow Curve after 3.5 months
WorleeThix VP E 165W and WorleeThix VP E 166W are easy to incorporate into formulations.

Starting Point Formulation of Water Thinnable Thixotropic Wood Stain

Starting Point Formulation

The products area added step-wise as indicated above.

Step 1Step 2Step 3Step 4

Step 1                                                Step 2                                                Step 3                                               Step 4

Step 5 Wood
Step 5

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