• Worlee
Worlee is a global manufacturer of high performance resins and additives for coatings adhesives, and sealants.  Worlee has been in business for over 160 years and is committed to supplying consistantly high quality products.  Worlee's production plants are ISP 9001, ISO 14001, and ISO 50001 certified.  

As a Worlee distributor, TRiiSO strives to maintain current SDS and TDS files on our website.  All SDS and TDS are updated yearly, or when a revision is supplied by Worlee.

Category Files

Worlee Products
Worlee produces a wide range of resins and additives including:
  • WorleeAdd range
    • silicone additives for improving surface properties in solvent-based and aqueous paints
    • adhesion promoters
    • cobalt-free catalysts
    • flash-rust corrosion inhibitors
    • defoamers for aqueous and solvent-based systems
  • WorleeCryl range
    • solvent-based acrylic polyols
    • solvent-based thermoplastic acrylic resins
    • water-based acrylic dispersions and emulsions
  • WorleeKyd range
    • solvent-based short oil- medium oil-, and long oil- alkyd resins
    • urethane-modified long oil alkyd resins
    • stoving/reactive/NC-combination solvent-based alkyd resins
  • WorleeThix range
    • thixotropic alkyd and acrylic resins
  • WorleeSol E range
    • PU-modified alkyd emulsions
  • WorleeSol NW range
    • water thinnable alkyd emulsions
  • WorleePol range
    • water thinnable, oil-free saturated polyesters
    • solvent-free saturated polyester/ether polyols
    • solvent-based saturated polyesters

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