• Exxon Mobil Chemical

Synesstic is ExxonMobil Chemical's brand of alkylated naphthalenes.  The Synesstic products are Group V synthetic base oils and are NSF H-1 and HX-1 registered for use in lubricants with incidental food contact.  Alkylated Naphthalenes exhibit enhanced oxidative and thermal stability compared to other synthetic base oils (PAOs, esters, and alkyl benzenes).  Additionally, the Synesstic products exhibit excellent seal swell and additive solubility that rival that of synthetic esters.  However, the Synesstic alkylated naphthalenes have enhanced hydrolytic stability compared to esters. Moreover, since the Synesstic products are non-polar, they do not compete against the additives in the synthetic lubricant for the metal surface like esters can.  The Synesstic products are offered in 5 cSt and 12 cSt grades (at 100C).

Synesstic Products

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