• Additin RC 2540 distributor

Additin RC 2540 is an Extreme Pressure Additive based on dialkylpentasulfide. 40% total sulfur, 36% active sulfur, 50 cSt @ 40C. Cu-Corr (3h/100C) 4b. Additin RC 2540 is suitable for metal working fluids (cutting and forming), including water miscible metal working fluids. Additin RC 2540 shows synergistic effects to boost Extreme Pressure properties when combined with Additin RC 2415 and synergistic effects to boost antiwear properties when combined with Zinc dithiophosphates (ZDDP) such as Additin RC 3038 and Additin RC 3880.

Rhein Chemie Additin RC 2540 Physical Properties

Total Sulfur 40%
Active Sulfur 36%
Viscosity @ 40C 50 cSt
Cu-Corr (3h/100C) 4b
  • Extreme Pressure Additive (EP Additive)
  • Metal Working Fluids, cutting and forming applications
  • Water Miscible Metal Working Fluids
  • Very High Active Sulfur Content

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