• Polyvinyl Butyral supplier
Polyvinyl Butyral is CCP Group's brand of polyvinyl butyral resins which are produced from polyvinyl alcohol, and n-butyraldehyde via a condensation reaction.   The Polyvinyl Butyral products offer a wide range of performance properties including good flexibility, good film toughness, and good adhesion.  These properties make Polyvinyl Butyral suitable for use in a wide range of applications including inks, coatings, adhesives, ceramic binders, and as modifying agents in composites.
  • Reactive with thermoset resins
  • Good Adhesion to glass, wood, and metal
  • Good solubility in polar solvents
  • Good film toughness
  • Good flexibility
  • Good impact resistance
  • Good penetration resistance
Polyvinyl Butyral Products
Polyvinyl Butyral meets the following FDA specifications: 
21CFR 175.105 - adhesive applications
21CFR 175.300 - Resinous and polymeric coatings
21CFR 176.170 - components of paper and paperboard in contact with aqueous and fatty foods