Tri-iso distributes a wide range of diluents that allow formulators to produce high performance polyurethanes.  Diluents reduce the viscosity of the polyurethane system which allows for better mixing of all components and also facilitates processing of the system.  Diluents can be either reactive or non-reactive.  Reactive diluents react with either the isocyanate or polyol and become an integeral part of the polyurethane formed.  Non-reactive diluents do not react with the isocyanate or the polyol.  Non-reactive diluents either are volatilized into the atmosphere, or remain in the polyurethane as a plasticizer.


Your Tri-iso Technical Sales Representative is available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate diluents that will provide the specific properties you are trying to obtain. Click here to request a quote.

Diluents Products

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