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Polylite HS Radical Cure Advanced Composite Resins is Polynt's brand of high peformance advanced composite ultra-fast cure resins.  The Polylite HS  resins are supplied as 100% solids resins and are monomer-free.  The Polylite HS resin range includes semi-solid hot melt resins and low viscosity liuquid resins.  The Polylite HS resins are based on Bis Phenol A epoxy, brominated Bis Phenol A epoxy, phenol novolac epoxy, and isocyanurate backbones.  Additionally, the Polylite HS resin range includes unique urethane-modified backbones, which provides increased fracture toughness and fatigue resistance.  

The Polylite HS Resins allow for the manufacture of high quality parts in less than 30 seconds by either a peroxide or UV-initiated cure.  The Polylite HS Resins are very forgiving and do not require a complex cure schedule in order to achieve maximum Tg development.  Current maximum Tg for the Polylite HS Resin systems is approximately 400F. Moroever, storage stability of prepregs produced from the Polylite HS Resins is excellent at over 2 years under ambient conditions.

  • 100% solids
  • Monomer-free
  • Fast cure capability less than 30 seconds)
  • Simple cure schedule
  • No toxic emissions in cured composite analysis
  • Significant improvement in hot/wet Tg vs epoxy systems

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