• Polyfill distributor
Polyfill is Cimbar Performance Minerals' line of aluminum trihydrate (ATH) flame retardant and smoke suppressant. the Polyfill line of ATH is available in a wide range of particle size distributions.   The Polyfill products act as a flame retardant by releasing three molecules of water per molecule of alumina when exposed to approximately 428F.  The released water acts to cool the area and quenches the surface of the surrounding materials.  Polyfill does not release toxic smoke when burned and itself does not generate smoke. Polyfill products are produced from bauxite, a natural mineral.

Polyfill products are used in a wide range of applications including thermoplastics, thernoset plastics, elastomers, latex backing, coatings and sealants.  
  • Flame and Smoke Retardance
  • Reduced Costs
  • Polymer Extension
  • Improved Surface Finish
  • Reduced Shrinkage
Polyfill Products

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