• Perstorp vendor

Perstorp is a global manufacturer of a wide range of high performance polyols.  This impressive portfolio of unique polyols includes the CAPA line of polycaproplactones, the Boltorn line of dendritic polyester polyols, the Oxymer line of polycarbonate polyols, a line of unique ethylene oxide tipped polyether polyols with unusually low viscosity and high functionality, and the Charmor line of micronized pentaerythritol derivatives.

TRiiSO strives to maintain current MSDS and TDS files on our website. All MSDS and TDS files are updated yearly or when a revision is supplied by Perstorp.

  • Vapor phase and Contact phase corrosion inhibitors
  • Good Biodegradability
  • Good Lubricity and wear protection
  • High Viscosity Indicies


Perstorp Products

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