TRiiSO distributes a wide range of extreme pressure (EP) additives that allow formulators to produce high quality lubricants.  Extreme pressure (EP) additives are lubricant components that chemically react with the metal surface to be protected, forming a sacrificial coating that prevents two metal surfaces from welding together under the high temperature and high pressure that occur during boundary lubrication; Extreme pressure (EP) additives produce a surface that is softer than the unprotected base metal.  TRiiSO distributes extreme pressure additives based on sulfured carriers and chlorinated paraffins.  Additionally, TRiiSO distributes passive extreme pressure additives which tenaciously bond to the metal surface but do not chemically react with the metal.  




Lubricant Extreme Pressure Additives Products

Formulating extreme pressure lubricants with chlorinated paraffins is rather straightforward.  The level of performance is determine by the percent of chlorine added to the final lubricant.  Consequently, selection of the proper chlorinated paraffin product for a given application is based on the viscosity and percent chlorine content of the chlorinated paraffin grades available.

Formulating extreme pressure lubricants with sulfurized carriers is more challenging than formulating with chlorinated paraffins. Sulfurized carriers can be divided into two main groups: light colored sulfurized carriers and dark colored sulfurized carriers.  Light colored sulfurized carriers are produced with sophisticated equipment to produce low color, high purity products with low odor.  Dark colored sulfurized carriers are produced with considerably less sophisticated equipment to produce dark colored products with more intense sulfur odors.  The selection of the proper sulfurized carrier depends on the specific requirements of a lubricant.  Specifically, the nature of the carrier that has been sulfurized determines the extent of solubility of the sulfurized carrier in various base oils, the biodegradability, viscosity and pour point of the sulfurized carrier, and the amount of lubricity a given sulfurized carrier imparts in a lubricant formulation. Typcial carriers that are sulfurized include esters, triglycerides, triglyceride/hydrocarbon reaction products, and hydrocarbons.

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