Huntsman Jeffamine D-2000 is a 2000 MW primary aliphatic polyether diamine based on polyoxypropylenediamine.  Jeffamine D-2000 is suitable for use in polyurea coatings, adhesives, sealants and elastomer applications.  247 cps at 25C. Supplied as a light yellow liquid. AHEW: 515


Jeffamine D2000 is an excellent product.  However, it is Tri-iso's opinion that Endamine D2000 represents a better value overall.  Endamine D2000 is a direct drop-in replacement for Jeffamine D-2000, and is also a 2000MW primary aliphatic diamine based on polyoxypropylenediamine.




Jeffamine is a registered trademark of Huntsman Corporation.  Tri-iso does not distribute Jeffamine D-2000 or other Jeffamine products.

  • CAS # 9046-10-0

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