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HIRESOL is Hankuck Latices range of Nonionic Polyurethane associative thickeners (HEUR) for waterbased coatings.  The HIRESOL products offer the most versatile means of formulating waterbased coatings to a desired film build and flow with high shear viscosity to prevent roll spatter.  The HIRESOL products impart high shear viscosity through the interaction of the thickener with hydrophobic surfaces within the coating formulation.  Consequently, the main thickening mechanism of the HIRESOL HEUR thickeners is the association between the thickener and the binder/pigment colloid particles.
  • Excellent paint flow and levelling
  • High gloss development
  • Low odor
  • Excellent viscosity stability in long term storage
  • Provides anti-settling properties and reduces syneresis
  • High film build and hiding
  • Excellent spatter resistance
  • Resistance to microbes

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HIRESOL Products

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