HASE Thickeners are Hydrophobically modified Alkali Swellable Emulsions which act as thickeners and antisettling agents in waterbased coatings, inks and putties. Upon neutralization to a pH typically above 8.0, HASE thickeners become active.  These products are typically more cost effective to use than hydroxythethyl cellulose (HEC) thickeners.

TRiiSO distributes the HISOL brand of HASE thickeners.


HASE Thickeners Products

A wide range of HASE products exist which differ primarily in the viscosity they impart under high shear.  

HASE thickeners that provide low viscosities at high shear impart thixotropic flow properties, reduced sagging and high in-can viscosity properties to coatings, inks and putties. 

HASE Thickeners that provide high viscosities at high shear impart enhanced flow and levelling performance, a high film build, and less roll spatter.

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