Grease Corrosion Inhibitor Additives

Tri–iso distributes a wide range of corrosion inhibitors that allow formulators to produce high quality greases.   These corrosion inhibitors are based on a wide range of chemistries, including sulfonates. carboxylates, and carboxylic acid derivatives.  Additionally, Tri-iso distributes a wide range of yellow metal deactivators for preventing corrosion of yellow metals such as copper and brass for oil soluble and water soluble systems.  Some of these corrosion inhibitors are suitable for lubricants with incidental food contact and have been registered with NSF with an HX-1 approval.

Your Tri-iso Technical Sales Representative is available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate lubricant additives, additive package, and base oils that will provide the specific properties you are trying to obtain. Click here to request a quote.


Grease Corrosion Inhibitor Additives Products