• GEOlube TB 110

GEOlube TB 110 is a 80% active water solution of GEOlube 75 W 55000.  It is a polyalkylene glycol (PAGs) based on a random EO/PO copolymer.  Suitable for use in water based lubricants, viscosity modifiers, metalworking fluids, coatings and adhesives. Particularly suitable for use in polymer quenchants and water based hydraulic fluids.  The high viscosity and low volatility of this product make it suitable neat for high temperature lubrication.  GEOlube TB 110 also demonstrates excellent shear stability and provides good lubricity. Soluble at temperatures below 75C     Supplied as a liquid (11,500 cSt at 40C).



  • Compliant for applications where incidental food contact may occur:
  • 21CFR175.105
  • 21CFR176.180
  • 21CFR176.200
  • 21CFR176.210
  • 21CFR177.1200
  • 21CFR178.3120
  • 21CFR178.3570

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