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Functional Products Tackifier V-498 is based on a polyisobutylene in a white oil.  Functional V-498 imparts tack or stringiness to lubricants and greases.  Functional V-498 is NSF HX-1 registered for use in lubricants with incidental food contact.  Functional V-498's extremely light color makes it particularly suited to provide lubricant adherence in spindle lubricants for textiles.  Functional V-498 is also suitable for use in way oils, chain lubricants,  greases, and mist lubricants. Functional V-498 provides good shear stability and good string length.


Functional V-498 is supplied as a water-white liquid, 3000-5000 cSt at 100C

Functional Products Tackifier V-498 Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 0.86 g/mL
Viscosity @ 100C 3000-5000 cSt
String Length (0.5% in ISO 68) 53
  • NSF HX-1 registered for lubricants and greases with incidental food contact
  • Water White clear color - suitable for spindle oil applications

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There are no standardized tests for string length. String Length measurements are based on the ductless siphon method developed by Functional Products.
String Length measured at 0.5% treat rate in ISO 68 Oil.

Sample Value Ranges:
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