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Functional Products Tackfier V-189A is a tackifier based on a thermally stable olefin copolymer dissolved in a paraffinic base oil. Functional V-189A is used to confer tack or stringiness to a lubricant. Functional V-189A is recommended to provide adherence in slideway oils and chain lubricants, stringiness in greases, and aerosol resistance in mist and pneumatic-system lubricants. Functional V-189A offers excellent Shear Stability and a Fair level of stringiness.  

Functional V-189A is a diluted version of Functional V-188 for easier handling.


Supplied as a liquid, 900-1700 cSt at 40C

Functional Products Tackifier V-189A Physical Properties

Specific Gravity 0.86 g./mL
Viscosity @ 40C 900-1700 cSt
String Length (0.5% in ISO 68) 20

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There are no standardized tests for string length. String Length measurements are based on the ductless siphon method developed by Functional Products.
String Length measured at 0.5% treat rate in ISO 68 Oil.

Sample Value Ranges:
20:V-189A    22:V-388   23: PARATAC   28:V-188   41: PARATAC XT  48: V-172   55:V-176   75V-378  90: V-178   98: V-177   

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