• Functional Products distributor

Functional Products manufactures a wide range of lubricant and grease additives.  Functional Products' true expertise is in the field of tackifiers, viscosity index improvers, and polymers for grease.  Functional Products authored the chapter on tackifiers in Leslie Rudick's Lubricant Additives. 

Additionally, Functional Products has received the "Best Paper Award" at the 2011 ELGI (European Lubricants and Grease Institute) Annual Meeting. 

Finally, Functional Products provides instruction in the Advanced Grease Course at the NLGI conferences.  Functional Products portfolio of polymer additives is unmatched when considering the range of products offered.

In addition to polymer additives, Functional Products also offers a wide range of industrial lubricant additives and packages, as well as additives for food grade lubricants and biodegradable lubricants.

TRiiSO strives to maintain current MSDS and TDS files on our website. All MSDS and TDS files are updated yearly or when a revision is supplied by Functional Products.

  • Coating Additives for Waterborne and Solvent-based Coatings
  • Provides improved adhesive and cohesive strength in adhesives
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