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Evernox is Everspring Chemical's range of primary and secondary antioxidants.  The primary antioxidants in the Evernox line are based on sterically hindered phenols, whereas the secondary antioxidants are based on phosphites.

Evernox primary antioxidants react with free radicals that are formed in polymer systems that are exposed to oxidative degradation reactions.  These products are highly effective in maintaining the physical and mechanical properties, as well as aesthetic properties of polymer systems that are subjected to conditions where oxidative degredation reaction occur.

Evernox secondary antioxidants react with hydroperoxides to form inactive products.

Additionally, Everspring Chemical offers a range of synergistic blends of primary and secondary antioxidants under the Evernox B range of products.
  • Primary Antioxidants based on sterically hindered phenols
  • Secondary Antioxidants based on phosphites
  • Synergistic Blends are available
Evernox Products

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