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Esterex is ExxonMobil Chemical's brand of synthetic esters.  The Esterex synthetic esters are Group V synthetic base stocks used to produce the highest quality greases, lubricants and metalworking fluids.  Esterex synthetic esters provide excellent additive solubility, thermal and oxidative stability, lubricity, biodegradability, low volatility, and good low temperature fluidity.   This extensive collection of synthetic esters include:

  • Dibasic Esters based on Adipates.  Adipates can be used with PAOs or as a sole basestock.  They provide good biodegradability, very low acid values, high viscosity indicies (VI), and provide excellent low temperature properties and thermal stability.  They are a cost effective means to control seal swell. Adipates are often used in high temperature conditions and offer improved cleanliness in air compressors.  They are also used in combination with PAO for additive solubility in automotive gear lubricants and industrial lubricants.  Finally,  Adipates are used as a basestock in reciprocating air compressor oils
  • Aromatic Esters based on Phthalates and Trimellitates.  These are lower cost, higher viscosity extensions of adipates. 
  • Polyol Esters.  Polyol esters offer step-out performance capabilities compared to Adiaptes and Aromatic Esters.  Polyol Esters provide higher thermal stability and can extend the operating range of lubricants by as much as 100C.  They also provide high film strength and increased lubricity which may yield reduced energy consumption.  Polypl Esters are used in PCMO applications, small engine applications for lubricity and biodegradability, as well as industrial applications in severe environments.

Grades are available based on adipates, phthalates, trimellitates and polyol esters

Esterex Products

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