• Pre-co-Floc PB-40M

EP Minerals Pre-co-Floc PB-40M is a filter aid and additive for coatings and adhesives based on powdered cellulose fibers.


As an additive in coatings and adhesives, Pre-co-Floc PB-40M is particularly suited for use in stuccos, tile adhesives, construction adhesives, joint fillers, skim coats, and emulsion paints (matte and semi-gloss).  In these applications, Pre-co-Floc PB-40M provides strong thickening effect and also imparts fiber reinforcement.  Moreover, it provides enhanced slump resistance and acts as a crack inhibitor while reducing shrinkage.  Moreover, Pre-co-Floc helps maintain water equilibrium and reduces uniform stress-free drying conditions.  Finally, the use of Pre-co-Floc PB-40M improves processing characteristics.


As a filter aid, Pre-co-Floc PB-40M can be used independently in applications where silica cannot be tolerated.  Additionally, it can be used in conjunction with diatomaceous earth or perlite filter aids.  Pre-co-Floc PB-40M produces almost no ash, is non-abrasive, and is inert to acids, alkalis, and solvents.

When used as a primary or remedial precoat with diatomaceous earth, Pre-co-Floc PB-40M improves filtration by bridging gaps in the filter septum and small mechanical leaks in the gaskets and leaf seats and by improving the stability of the filter-aid cake to make it more resistant to pressure bumps and interruptions.  It also creates a more uniform, crack-free precoat for more effective filtration surface area.  Pre-co-Floc PB-40M improves cake release and reduces cleaning requirements, and helps to prevent fine particulate bleed-through.  Finally, Pre-co-Floc PB-40M reduces soluble contamination.


Brightness (Y): 80 min

Bulk Density: 110-145 g/L

pH: 5-7.5

Average Fiber Length: 200 microns

Average Fiber Diameter: 40 microns

Screen Opening:    Retained % (max)
300μ (~US 50)           0.5
100μ (~US 140)      25
32μ (~US 450)        65

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