TRiiSO distributes a wide range of UV Absorbers that allow formulators to produce high performance elastomers.  UV Absorbers are one of the key components of a complete light stabilization system.  UV absorbers absorb UV radiation and convert it to harmless heat which is released to the environment.  UV absorbers are not consumed during this process and continue to function.  

UV absorbers follow Beer's Law.    A = (ε)(c)(l)  
where A is absorbance,  ε is the extinction coefficient, c is concentration, and l is the path length

Consequently, UV Absorbers are not particularly effective at protecting the surface of the treated article, because the path length at the surface is zero.  UV Absorbers are therefore meant to protect the bulk material below the surface.  

UV Absorbers can be organic or inorganic in nature.  Organic UV Absorbers, such as Everstab 327, have a significantly greater extinction coefficient than inorganic UV absorbers and therefore provide enhanced performance.  However, organic UV Absorbers will themselves ultimately be damaged by UV radiation.  Inorganic UV absorbers therefore offer better long term permanence.   
UV Absorbers Products

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