TRiiSO distributes moisture scavengers that allow formulators to produce high quality polyurethane elastomers. Polyurethane elastomers are prepared by the reaction of an isocyanate with a hydroxyl group on a polyol.  However, isocyanates can also react with moisture to form a polyamide while liberating carbon dioxide gas as a byproduct.  The carbon dioxide microbubbles get trapped in the polyurethane, negatively impacting the aesthetic qualities of the final product. 

TRiiSO distributes molecular sieves and oxazolidines which scavenge moisture to minimize the reaction of isocyanates with moisture.  

Your TRiiSO Technical Sales Representative is available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate moisture scavenger that will provide the specific properties you are trying to obtain. Click here to request a quote.

Moisture Scavengers Products

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