TRiiSO distributes a wide range of antioxidants that allow formulators to produce high quality elasatomers.  Antioxidants scavenge free radicals that are formed when the polymers in composites are exposed to elevated temperature and oxygen.  Left unchecked, these free radicals formed by oxidative degredation reactions can reduce physical and mecahnical properties, scorching, as well as reduce color stability.

Antioxidants can be broadly classified into two categories: primary and secondary antioxidants.  Primary antioxidants, such as sterically hindered phenols, react with free radicals (RO* and *OH) to form inactive products (water and alcohols).  Secondary antioxidants, such as phosphites, react with hydroperoxides to form inactive products (alcohols).
  • Primary Antioxidants based on sterically hindered phenols
Antioxidants Products

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