• Daikin Industries supplier

Daikin Industries creates fluoropolymers for coatings and surface protectants. Daikin is a leader in the field of fluoropolymers and is one of a handful of global companies that produces fluorochemicals basic in fluorochemistry; Daikin produces the fluoromonomers which are used internally to produce a myriad of fluorochemicals. All of Daikin's products are PFOA-free. Tri-iso represents Daikin Industries for their Ftone fluoropolymers for oil and water repellancy for natural stone, ceramic and concrete surfaces. Additionally, Tri-iso distributes the Zeffle line of fluorpolymer resins and additives.

As a Daikin Industries distributor, Tri-iso strives to maintain current MSDS and TDS files on our website. All MSDS and TDS files are updated yearly or when a revision is supplied by Daikin Industries

  • Mannich Polyols
  • Evernox Primary and Secondary Antioxidants
  • Everstab UV Absorbers and Hindered Amine Light Stabilizers (HALS)
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