Specialty Raw Chemical Consulting

Deep Relationships, Wide Portfolio

TRiiSO invests heavily in account relationships. We grow a technical sale into a strong, long-term commercial relationship with the purchasing company's owner(s) and buyer(s). Customers appreciate the enduring value afforded by their relationship with TRiiSO.

We mirror that relationship with our suppliers by cultivating a strategic, long-term relationship built on collaboration, technology and profitable growth. We negotiate with our suppliers in a manner that assures our mutual success and continued growth.

TRiiSO attracts suppliers with competent team members that can be part of the conversation with the customer. With mutual respect, our sales force becomes an extension of the supplier's team. TRiiSO is a source of market knowledge including pricing, emerging applications and competitive threats. We tailor the sales reports and forecasts to our suppliers needs; one shoe does not fit all. For some of our more localized suppliers, the regional market feedback is just as important as the sales numbers. For our larger suppliers, we penetrate deeper into the small and mid-sized customer pyramid. The result is increased sales.

TRiiSO seeks suppliers that place a higher value on technically driven sales than on large volumes of low-quality coverage. Our suppliers tend to value their products and want them prioritized in a portfolio of complementary chemistry. Product lines are amplified as part of a larger portfolio of complimentary chemistry designed to meet market needs. Our market-focused portfolio draws a wider set of leads from deeper in the industry. For example, an oil and gas account asks about thixotropes, but we listen to the issue and help them tailor a down-well solution utilizing several product lines.

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