• Perstorp CAPA products

CAPA is Perstorp's brand of polycaprolactone polyols and thermoplastic polycaprolactone resins.  Polycaprolactone polyols are high performance polyester polyols that are key components in many high performance polyurethane formulations.  The ring-opening mechanism by which the CAPA polycaprolactone polyols are produced results in the low polydispersity which results in the enhanced physical properties and lower viscosities exhibited by these products in comparison to standard polyester polyols.  Your TRiiSO Technical Sales Representative is available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate polycaprolactone polyol that will provide the specific properties you are trying to obtain. TRiiSO is proud to supply the CAPA brand of polycaprolactone polyols from Perstorp.

CAPA Products