• BYK-070
BYK-070 Defoamer is a silicone-containing defoamer for adhesives, sealants, and ambient cured acrylic systems. BYK-070 is particularly suitable for use in adhesives and sealants based on acrylic resins.  BYK-070 is also used in ambient cured acrylic plastics to prevent foam and bubble formation during manufacturing and application.  BYK-070 is supplied 9% solids and has a flash point of 77F.

While BYK-070 is a very good product, it is TRiiSO's opinion that AFCONA 2028 represents a much better option.  AFCONA 2028 is also a silicone-based defoamer for water-based coatings. While not a direct chemical offset, our side-by-side comparisons have demonstrated that AFCONA 2028 provides the same level of performance as BYK-070.  Afcona 2028 Defoamer is a moderate defoamer but is particularly compatible.  Afcona 2028 Defoamer  is primarily recommended for use in 2K polyurethane  coatings for wood, plastic and car refinish, unsaturated polyester systems, acid-cured coatings for wood, and nitrocellulose lacquers (NC) for wood and general industrial coatings.  

BYK is a registered trademark of BYK Chemie. TRiiSO does not distribute BYK-070 or other BYK products.
  • Defoamer
  • silicone-containing
  • Solvent-based and solvent-free applications

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