• BYK-052
BYK-052 Defoamer is a silicone-free defoamer for solvent-based and solvent-free coatings.. BYK-052 is particularly suitable for use in polar solvent-borne coatings, and is less effective in non-polar systems.  BYK-052 is stronger than BYK-051 and therefore is less compatible. Consequently, it is important to check its impact on transparency in clear coats as well as crater formation. BYK-052 is supplied 20% solids and has a flash point of 43C.

While BYK-052 is a very good product, it is TRiiSO's opinion that AFCONA 2020 Defoamer represents a much better option.  AFCONA 2020 is also a silicone-free defoamer for solvent-based coatings and is a direct chemical match for BYK-052. Afcona 2020 Defoamer is recommended for use in solvent-nased coatings, inks and thermosetting resin systems. Afcona 2020 Defoamer is typically used for solvent-based coatings based on nitrocellulose lacquers and acid-cured wood finishes, 2K polyurethane lacquers, cold cured epoxy resins systems, unsaturated polyester systems, and heat applied by spraying based on polyurethane (not including acrylic-based systems), acid-cured coatings, and nitrocellulose (NC) coatings.  

BYK is a registered trademark of BYK Chemie. TRiiSO does not distribute BYK-052 or other BYK Chemie products.
  • Defoamer
  • Polar Solvent-based coatings
  • silicone-free

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