• Baxenden Chemicals, Ltd.

Baxenden is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Chemtura.  Baxenden produces the Trixene BI and Trixene Aqua BI range blocked isocyanates as well as polyurethane prepolymers, curatives, and moisture scavengers for polyurethane applications.  Baxenden is highly focused on providing solutions to their customers difficult formulating challenges, even if that means producing a custom product.  The Trixene range of products is designed for high performance coatings in a wide range of application areas. Trixene BI and Trixene Aqua BI blocked isocyanates are cut in solvent and water, respectively, and are designed to be compatible with hydroxyl functional polyesters, polyethers and acrylics, as well as epoxy, phenolic and amine functional resins.

TRiiSO strives to maintain current MSDS and TDS files on our website. All MSDS and TDS files are updated yearly or when a revision is supplied by Baxenden Chemicals Ltd.

  • Excellent viscosity stability in long term storage
  • Provides anti-settling properties and reduces syneresis
  • High film build and hiding
  • Excellent spatter resistance
Baxenden Products

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