• Afcona Additives
Afcona Additives is a global coatings and plastics additives company with a successful track record of innovation and global expansion.  Afcona focuses on providing solutions to difficult formulating challenges.  Afcona Additives supports its customers by providing robust local technical support.

The Afcona Additives portfolio includes:
  • Afcona 2000 series of silicone-containing and silicone-free defoamers
  • Afcona 2000 series of slip and leveling agents
  • Afcona 4000 series of high molecular weight dispersing agents
  • Afcona 5000 series of conventional wetting and dispersing agents
  • Afcona 6000 series of miscellaneous specialty additives
  • Afcona 7000 series of plastics additives

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Afcona Additives Products

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