• Afcona 2018 Defoamer
Afcona 2018 Defoamer is a silicone-free defoamer for solvent-based coatings.  Afcona 2018 Defoamer is particularly suitable for use in clear and high gloss coatings because of its excellent compatibility properties.  Moreover, Afcona 2018 Defoamer is suitable for thick, clear coatings applied by conventional spraying where dry film transparency is important.  Afcona 2018 Defoamer prevents entrapment of air during processing steps as well as during application.  Afcona 2018 Defoamer is recommended for use in solvent-based wood coatings based on polyurethane (not including acrylic-based systems), acid-cured coatings, and nitrocellulose lacquers (NC).

Afcona 2018 Defoamer Physical Properties

Solvent Xylene
Density at 20C 0.86-0.88 g/mL
Refractive Index 1.490-1.500
Flash Point 25C
  • Prevents entrapment of air during processing steps and during application of paints and lacquers
  • Extremely suitable for clear and high gloss coatings

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Afcona 2018 Defoamer. is not recommended for use in acrylic systems.  

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