• Afcona 2505 Defoamer
Afcona 2505 Defoamer is a silicone-based defoamer for water-based coatings. Afcona 2505 Defoamer functions as a defoamer and antifoam and works particularly well in preventing and eliminating micro foam. Afcona 2505 was designed for applications that undergo high shear during preparation and has a very high resistance to shear. Afcona 2505 is particularly suited for use in water-based coatings ranging from polyurethane dispersions to acrylic-based decorative paints. Afcona 2505 is also suitable for use in pigment concentrate preparation and high speed flexo printing applications.

Afcona 2505 Defoamer Physical Properties

Active Ingredient > 96%
Flashpoint >100C
Density at 20C 0.97-1.02 g/mL
  • Prevents entrapment of air during processing steps and during application of paints and lacquers
  • Strong persistency of defoaming - good for high shear applications
  • Defoamer with leveling properties
  • Low sensitivity to crater formation
  • Particularly effective against micro foam

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