Tri-iso distributes a wide range of defoamers that allow formulators to produce high quality adhesives.  While defoamers are used a very low concentrations, they can play a very important role in determining the performance of an adhesive.  Defoamers help release entrained air in adhesive  by virtue of their incompatibility with the adhesive components.  The degree of incompatibility that exists determines the strength of the defoamer; very incompatible defoamers are very good at releasing entrained gases.  However, very strong defoamers also can cause other  defects as a result of the incompatibility.  Since incompatibility is the key to proper defoaming function, it is important to consider the ability of the defoamer to remain compatible in the environment in which it is employed.  For example, if a defoamer is used to control foam during the dispersion of pigments, the high shear encountered will likely compatibilize the defoamer and destroy its defoaming properties.  Therefore, the strength of the defoamer as well as its persistency of defoaming should be considered.

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