TRiiSO distributes a wide range of carbodiimide crosslinkers that allow formulators to produce high quality adhesives.  Carbodiimides react with carboxylic acid and amine groups on adhesive resins to connect the resin chains, thereby increasing the molecular weight of the resulting polymer network.  Increasing the molecular weight of polymer network improves the strength, chemical resistance, and heat resistance of the finished adhesive  Carbodiimides can be used in 1-pack adhesives and provide up to a 90 day pot-life.  Carbodiimides can also be used in 2 component adhesive systems, and can react at room temperature.

Your TRiiSO Technical Sales Representative is available to assist you in the selection of the appropriate crosslinkers and curatives  that will provide the specific properties you are trying to obtain. Click here to request a quote.

Carbodiimides Products

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