Adhesive formulations often contain mineral fillers, which are added for a multitude or reasons.  While mineral fillers certainly can reduce the cost of a formulation, they can also impact the rheology of an adhesive, gloss level and mar resistance.  Mineral fillers can also work in conjunction with pigments to improve hide. Mineral fillers can also provide flame retardancy, improve corrosion resistance and weather resistance of an adhesive formulation. Furthermore, mineral fillers can provide desired sanding properties, improved or reduced slip, and enhanced scrub resistance.

The combination of desired properties will determine the chemistry of the mineral filler and the specific grade selected. TRiiSO distributes a wide range of mineral fillers including, but not limited to, diatomaceous earth, talc, barium sulfate, alumninum trihydrate (ATH), and sodium bentonite clays. Your TRiiSO sales representative is available to assist you in selecting the proper mineral filler for your application. 
Mineral Fillers Products

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