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Additin is Rhein Chemie brand of Lubricant Oil Additives. This extensive collection of additives includes:

  • Additin 2000 series Extreme Pressure Additives based on light color, low odor sulfurized carriers and dark color sulurized carriers
  • Additin 3000 series Antiwear Additives based on dialkyldithiophosphates (ZDDP), Moly-DDP, ashless dialkyldithiophosphates, and phosphoric acid derivatives
  • Additin RC 4000 series Corrosion Inhibition Additives based on sulfonates, carboxylates, and carboxylic acid derivatives
  • Additin RC 5000 series Water Miscible Additives for water miscible metal working fluids
  • Additin RC 7000 series Antioxidants (phenolic and aminic)
  • Additin RC 8000 series Specialties based on synthetic esters and polymers, yellow metal deactivators, and polymeric bound additives
  • Additin RC 9000 series Additive Packages for Hydraulic Fluids, Gear Oils, Turbine Oils, Compressor Oils, Greases, and Metal Working Fluids.
  • Unilink and Clearlink hindered amine curatives for polyurea applications
  • PX range of lubricant additives (former Mobilad products)
  • Sustainable and Renewable
Additin Products

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