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Newsletter - Volume 1

Newsletter - Additin RC 4242 and Additin RC 9300 and Additin RC 9330 - Rhein Chemie Additin RC 4242 is a lubricant corrosion inhibitor additive based on an overbased calcium alkylbenzene sulfonate and is mainly used as an extreme pressure additive with corrosion protection properties. 

New PFOA-Free Fluoropolymer

Ftone GMW-605 is suitable for use in producing water-based penetrating sealers for stone, unglazed tile, brick, grout, terra cotta, concrete and other porous surfaces such as wood and concrete.

Cross-Linkers for Water-based Coatings

Nisshinbo, this Japanese producer of polymeric carbodiimides has introduced a range of TSCA listed products with more in the planning stage.

Shepherd Chemical BiCat

The Shepherd Chemical Company has selected Tri-iso, Inc as their agents on the West Coast for their BiCat® organometallic catalysts for polyurethane rigid foam, flexible foam and CASE applications. The BiCat catalysts are based on bismuth and zinc complexes. They are non-toxic, and can provide selectivity for promoting the reaction hydroxyl-isocyanate reaction over the water-isocyanate reaction. In many cases, BiCAT® catalysts have been used as replacements for mercury, lead, and tin compounds.

Metal Carboxylate Catalysts for Polyurethane Formulations

Tin is coming under intense scrutiny in Europe over its toxicity. Consequently, there is renewed interest in metal carboxylate catalysts that could replace tin catalysts such as dibutyltin dilaurate in polyurethane formulations.

RheinChemie Additin Lubricant Oil Additives

RheinChemie Additin Lubricant Oil Additives

Baxenden Trixene Blocked Isocyanates

Baxenden's Trixene blocked isocyanates are designed to be compatible with hydroxyl functional polyesters, poloyethers and acrylics, as well as epoxy and amine functional resins.

Cereclor Chlorinated Paraffins as E.P. Additives

Cereclor chlorinated paraffins have been designed to contain the correct level of chlorine content so that they function as extremely effective E.P. additives while maintaining stability at bulk oil temperatures.

ExxonMobil Esterex and SpectrSyn Product Overview

ExxonMobil, the world’s leading producer of PAOs, esters and alkylated naphthalenes, offers a full line of synthetic products to meet all of your compounding needs.

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