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INEOS Cereclor E45

[Cereclor E45]

Cereclor E45 is a mid-chain chlorinated paraffin (C14-C17 chain length).  Cereclor E45 is used as an extreme pressure (EP) additive in metalworking fluids and lubricants.  Cereclor E45 was specially formulated with enhanced corrosion performance for metalworking fluid applications


Typical Properties
% Chlorine Viscosity (SUS at 100F) Viscosity (SUS at 210F) Density (25C) Pour Point (F)
45 300 35 1.17 -19



  • KV@ 100C = 7.75 cst.
  • 45% Chlorine
  • Metal Working Fluids
  • Pour Point = -31C
  • C14-17 Chain length.
  • CAS 061788-76-9
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