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Grease Viscosity Index Improvers

Tri–iso distributes a wide range of viscosity index improvers (VII) to produce high quality greases.  Viscosity Improvers are polymer additives that reduce the impact of increasing temperature on the viscosity of lubricants.  Consequently, VII additives extend the service temperature ranges under which lubricants can effectively operate.  Tri-iso distributes solid VII in bale form and in pellets, and and also distributes liquid VII additives (polymers pre-dissolved in a variety of base oils.  Viscosity index improvers are available with permanent shear stability (Pssi) values between 25.5 and 50.5.

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Functional Products VI Improver V-206
Functional Products VI Improver V-206

VI Improver - Solid for Grease and Aftermarket Automotive read more
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