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Baxenden Trixene Aqua BI 201

[Trixene Aqua BI 201]

Trixene Aqua BI 201 is a unique waterbased blocked isocyanate based on hexamethylene diisocyanate trimer (HDI Trimer) and dimethylpyrazole (DMP).  Trixene Aqua BI 201 allows for the formulation of 1K reactive waterborne polyurethane system.  Trixene Aqua BI 201 unblocks at 120C, at which point HDI Trimer is released and the coating then proceeds like a traditional polyurethane system.  Trixene Aqua BI 201 can be used as the sole cross linker, or can be used in conjunction with melamines.  Suitable for textiles and general coatings.



Physical Properties
Unblocking Temperature Particle Type pH range Viscosity @ 25C

Equivalent Weight

(as supplied)

% Solids Solvent Application
120C anionic 7-9 300 840 40 DPGDME/water textiles and general coatings



  • DMP Blocked HDI Trimer
  • 40% solids in water/DPGDME
  • Anionic
  • NMP-free
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